Interior Design for Shops, Offices and Professionals

With more than 15 years of experience, an eye for detail, quality materials, innovative techniques and impeccable finishing, our approach to shop and office spaces is on a par with our specialisation in funeral centres. Our team takes full control of every aspect of your project. We create a realistic 3D rendering of your dreams. This gives you an immediate impression of how your new interior will appear. We carry out the work to perfection, to give your premises a beautiful and functional design.


The presentation of your products comes first. Our expertise enables us to create a pleasant atmosphere while providing sufficient stimuli to encourage customers to make purchases. We ensure that each product is fully showcased by organising the shop space for maximum clarity. We also consider your convenience, ensuring easy access to your storage area and the proper placement of your cash register. A unique experience from entry to check out.



How does office design contribute to high productivity and a great atmosphere? At Woodcube we know all about this. We create a mix of open spaces for collaboration and small-scale workstations for concentration. We get the best out of every office space. Naturally, we consider good ergonomics for the comfort and health of your employees. We use the latest lighting and acoustic techniques to ensure that our interiors create the ideal workplace for top performance!

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